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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Internet Business Success

Internet Business Success

The internet, an international network of computers, has made it possible for a whole lot of people from different parts of the world to do business with each other without necessary having to see each other.

However, you need to be cautious in order not to lose your money to fraudsters.

There are businesses on the internet and there are opportunities as well. Businesses are meant to be long term, but opportunities are just for a while and then another one comes to take over. However, there are businesses like affiliate programs, foreign exchange trading, online stock trading, running an online store and many more like that or even creating your own product and selling.

My advice is to get hold of an opportunity while it is still fresh, but decide which particular business you want to be involved in and face it squarely. There are people that have discovered their niche and are making money in it. You can also discover your own niche, create your own products and sell to make money.

There are some hype that you might come across in running an internet business. These are statements that people who desire to make a sale include in their advertisements in order to make people jump at their product(s) or service(s).

No Selling
Now I wonder why someone will come out and advertise to say there will be no selling. In any business, you are either selling a product or a service. So if someone comes out with an advert that says no selling, I really wonder what he or she is really driving at.

No advertisement
Someone that comes out with an advert that says "No advertisement", why is he or she advertising. Advertisement cost money. So why will anyone place an advert about you not having the need to advertise. I don't know of any business that can succeed without advertisement. You will need to advertise in one way or the other or your business will not be known and if your business is not known, how will you make sales?

No referral
There are businesses that thrive on referral. I get to know about a business and I enjoy their products and/or services. I decide to tell somebody else about it and the person enjoys same and decides to tell someone else and it goes on and on like that. Now some companies actually reward you for telling others about their business and this is where referrals come in. So when someone comes out with such statement, is he or she not going to tell you about a particular business for you to join? If eventually you join, have you not become his or her referral? This is usually prevalent in Network Marketing.

In as much as these hypes work for many people, the newbie should not jump at every advert placement with such hype or else he or she will eventually discover that he or she will have to be placing such adverts to succeed as well.

To succeed in internet business takes patience, perseverance, prudence, time and of course hard work, much of which is mentally. The people that have become household names or if you like gurus did not just wake up one day and start to make money on the internet. Don't be scared by all these, if all these people made it, you can also make it.

There are some resources that you need if you desire to be successful in Internet Business. The list below is by no means exhaustive but can serve as guide.


If you are going to make it in internet business, you need some form of capital. You need money. There are people that may tell you they did not have money before they started their business, but the reality of it is probably that they got money one way or the other. They could render service and from there make the money they need for their business, they might be fortunate to meet someone who will pay them mobilisation fee and then continue from there or some other ways. One thing is certain and that is you need money to start your internet business. People might tell you that you don't need capital to start so and so business, but ask them how they started theirs without any form of capital. The advertisement that they put up, how did they make payment for it? Will you not need to advertise your business, even if you didn't start it with any money? I have been on the internet for sometime now and I can tell you from experience that you need money to be successful on the internet. True, there are a lot of freebies on the internet, but you will need capital to enhance your success. You can spend one year on the internet making use of freebies without making a sale, whereas, with a little bit of money, you can a sale in a shorter period. Even the money spent browsing and using freebies, if calculated for that period is something. I read about the fact if you are looking for money, what you need is a job, but if you want to start a business, you need money to invest. So capital is important in making it on the internet.


A website is where people get to know about your business on the internet. You need it to make your products and/or services available to many people at the same time anywhere they are connected to internet. Although, there are free websites like affiliate sites which are provided by the company whose products and/or services you are marketing, but there are limitations. You cannot add anything on that site and you cannot remove anything. The only changes you can probably make is to change your personal profile. You cannot add a source code or anything like that. The subdomains you get, which is also free has limitations as well. But if you have your own website, you have control over it and you can even make money from the AdSense program.

Website Hosting Company

A website hosting company is the one that hosts your website online. Without them, your website will not seen on the internet. Your website is like a house, while the website hosting company serves as your land where your house will be situated. There are companies that offer free website hosting, but again, there are limitations. Some of them may even place adverts on the website.


Autoresponders are good in building up a list. You can register for one and begin building your list. There are two very good ones in Getresponse and Aweber. Autoresponders are email marketing systems whereby information is requested from you and answers to the request is automatically sent by the system you have set up. You can use this system to build a list and you know the money is in the list like they normally say.


Another important aspect of internet business success is the marketing. Without adequate marketing, you cannot get the desired success in internet business. There are so many ways you can market your business on the internet. You can do that by advertising in online sites, newsletters, traffic exchanges, blogs, forums and so many ways.

Online sites that are accessible are great places to advertise your internet business. However, in doing this you need to carefully consider the traffic to that site. Some sites do not have much traffic and so your advertising there may not bring much results, if any. You also need to consider the amount being asked for advertisement. Many places offer very cheap advertising to entice people to advertise with them, but then, are they getting much traffic? Do not jump at advertising a site because it is cheap. Look for profitable sites to advertise. If it is reasonably expensive, you should not run away, instead look at the conversion rate. If you will cover your cost and still make some money, why not. It is better than spending money on very cheap advertising and not getting any more at all.

Newsletters are good when it comes to building relationships and maintaining customers or turning prospects to customers. You get people to subscribe to your newsletters and they are automatically added into your list of subscribers. If there is any information you need to pass to them, just type in the information and send to them. However, your information must be valuable. If you do not have any valuable information to pass to your subscribers, it is better you do not pass it at all. As you do that, you build relationship with your subscribers so that when you are ready with a product, you just send it to your list of subscribers. This kind of strategy ensures you always have a ready market for you to market your products or services.

You will need to subscribe to a paid version of autoresponders in order to be able to enjoy the full service required. You can subscribe to getresponse.

Blogs are very good when you want to advertise your internet business. They are places where you make posts and others can view your posts. You can simply create a blog to make posts about your business and anybody that visits your blog can view your business online. You can even create a blog on a very interesting topic other than just business and put links about your business on the blog. You will need to advertise your blog to drive trafic to it. Make sure you make relevant and useful posts that will continually drive traffic to the blog.

Forums can be another place where you could get traffic to your website or affiliate site. Join a very active forum, make relevant posts and make sure you add your signature. A signature is your website and/or affiliate site that you include as your signature. So anytime you make a post, it is included in your post at the base, so long as you indicate so. This way, anybody reading your posts could possibly click on your link and visit the site you are promoting. Make sure you help out a lot and contribute to providing answers to questions in the forum and provide relevant information to the forum. This way, your profile will be on the rise.


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